Goddess Flow

Teacher Training

Spring 2020 

Join the inner Circle of Sisterhood

Goddess Flow Teacher Training Graduation Ceremony

Goddess Flow Teacher Training Graduation Ceremony

Goddess flow is an embodied experience that can re~define your connection to your SoulBody and to your movement practices.  This teacher training will not only teach you how to share this ever-growing practice with women, but it will also create the space for your own personal explorations as well as teach you how to nurture, celebrate and embrace your own unique power and invite other women to do the same.  Connecting with divine feminine energy gives your Body Being a direct experience of your own sovereignty and Intuition.  There is no greater gift to the world than a woman that feels comfortable and empowered in Her Body and Soul.  

Goddess Flow Retreat

tier 1

Yes Feminine Creatures, we start off our Goddess Flow teacher training together with a retreat!  It starts with YOU!!!   This retreat is for your SoulBody to be pampered, adorned and celebrated for all that She is! In order to teach this practice, the embodiment is essential.  

Wildness awaits Sisters....


This 3 day Goddess retreat will nourish, restore, re~calibrate and awaken your Feminine Body and Soul  

Space is limited

Goddess Flow Teacher Training 

3 ~ day retreat 

April 24th ~ 26th 2020

Location ~ Sugar Ridge Retreat Center


Tier 2

Theory, yoga philosophy, teaching tools of Goddess Flow

(curriculum details will be emailed to those interested in the program) 

location~ Ahimsa Whitby


Weekend 1

Devotion + Abundance

May 2nd & 3rd 11:30am - 7:30pm 

Weekend 2

Warrior + Wild Fire + Surrender

May 16th & 17th  11:30am - 7:30pm

Weekend 3

Wisdom + Sensuality

May 23rd & 24th 11:30am - 7:30pm

Tier 2 will include:

~ Goddess Philosophy of the 7 Governing Goddess of Goddess Flow 

~ Goddess Flow movement and sequence breakdown

~ In~depth chakra breakdown 

~ How to create a class theme

~ The Pillars of Goddess Flow

~ Goddess Flow Teaching Tools

~ Masterful Cueing Study

~  Embodiment Tools

~ Practice Teaching each of the training days

~ Ridiculous fun and growth the ENTIRE TIME!!! 

Tier 3

Epilogue ~ practice teaching weekend

June 13th & 14th 11:30am - 7:30pm

June 27 & 28th 11:30am - 7:30pm

Tier 3 weekend is about refining your goddess flow teaching skills;

 Who's so excited about this?  More goddess love out in the world....  I can't wait to share <3

Program investment $2400+hst ~ This includes a 2 night retreat 3 day retreat at Sugar Ridge Retreat Centre

Early Bird rate until February 1st 2018 $2300 +hst

Download your application here


Email Here for Application and more info email Michelle at yogamich@rogers.com  


"The Goddess Teacher Training is unlike any other yoga teacher training I have experienced.  Michelle Tamblyn-Sabo has created a new way of exploring yoga from a distinctly feminine perspective…Goddess Flow! Now Michelle is inspiring others, like myself, to explore moving our bodies in a new way, a safe way, inspired by seven of the Hindu Goddesses and their shaktis. After completing the Goddess Flow Teacher Training, I have all the tools, knowledge and understanding of how the Goddess flow movements empower, liberate and encourage women to discover their own unique feminine essence. This teacher training journey is unique in that it made me realize that I am enough, that I  am worthy, and that I am ready now to share Goddess flow with other women!!! Thank you Michelle for sharing your knowledge with such passion and grace…love you to pieces!!!!"

~ Kate 

"Goddess flow has reawakened this spirit in me that is similar to the feelings I had when I was dancing with my girlfriends as a little girl. I have been connected with a strong and successful group of woman that support one another and we get the opportunity to connect and 'let the walls come down'. Goddess flow has brought a confidence in me that has allowed me to find success as a woman, professional and yoga teacher.  I move with grace and life tends to flow with more ease."

"As a teacher, goddess flow has allowed me to bring more creativity into my classes, throughout my sequencing and playlist creation. Intuitive teaching has been so valuable to exercise as well during throughout the Goddess Flow training. I lead my classes coming from a place of love and community in order to strengthen my abilities as an intuitive teaching in order to always suit the needs of my students during class. Michelle is magic xo"

~ Steph 

"Goddess Flow is unlike any teacher training you may have experiencedMichelle will awaken your soul as she guides you on a journey of playfulness, exploration and true transformation.  You will be reminded of your Divine Feminine Essence and your capacity to live a wide-open and inspired life. You will learn the skills to guide others towards uncovering their wild, wise and wonderous selves and be supported, not only with resources, but a spectacular sisterhood of goddesses."

~ Greta

Goddess Flow™ has changed EVERYTHING from the way I feel about myself and my body, to my relationship and even the magic I find in each day,  in my children and in the world! It taught me a new way to move and FEEL and I am forever grateful! 

I knew Michelle would deliver an impeccable program and I was eager to learn more about the 7 Governing Goddess of Goddess Flow™  - but I learned so much more that were great add-ons to on my 200 hour and 300 hour Teacher Training Certifications. I loved reconnecting to my passion for music and we spent time exploring how music supports each of the Flows in Goddess Flow™ . We also spend time on the importance of different types of cueing which I really enjoyed as well and that learning has infused its way into all the yoga classes I teach!

So this was a personal journey of body celebration and love, a journey of sisterhood that I will never forget - but also a very technically sound training that would deepen any women teaching of the practice of yoga.

~ Krista

The teaching and reminder of calling up really resonated with me and reinforced our own personal power.  We all have the wisdom and the qualities of the goddesses inside us. All of us.  That is so empowering.  To know we have access to it all.  Even the parts that aren't familiar.  The scary ones. The comfortable ones. . The takeaway is to continue to create the space to explore that vastness of who I am. To continue on my journey of being comfortable in my body and feeling safe to take up space and be seen.   This practice provides another way to move into the body and clear emotional pain.  A pathway to strength and softness.  A pathway to freedom.  
Oh so much LOVE! 

xx Dani

The goddess flow teacher training was so much more than I could've imagined. I went to learn more about the practice, and I ended up learning so much about myself and my power.  When I started the teacher training I wasn't intending to become a teacher myself, I was doing the class for personal reasons. But I've learned so much from the training that I really feel it's my duty to share this with other women.  It's been so impactful for my growth and I know so many other women could benefit greatly. The goddess flow teacher training is a transformative experience. I highly recommend it for anyone who's looking for a change, growth, knowledge. You deserve this, say YES!!!!!!! 

~ Lindsay 

When the goddess show up in your life, she often shows up as ecstasy.
— Sally Kempton