Explore what makes you...YOU.

The only impossible journey is the one you never begin.
— Anthony Robbins

Soul Session 

Your femininity is a powerful and mysterious energy that has infinite creative potential.   You inherently carry within you the key to everlasting power, untapped wisdom and the creative force of Love.  Soul Sessions are NOT coaching sessions ~ Where I tell you the answers.  A Soul Session is a collaboration of your intuitive feminine energy (that holds all the answers) and mine coming together on a Soul level to help guide you toward a greater connection to your Goddess Essence of abundant wisdom, creativity, love and SoulBody Truth.


Initial Soul Session (90mins)  $200

Subsequent Sessions $150(75mins)


*limited spaces available for Soul Session

Supportive Uplifting Energizing. Just a few words that describe Michelle and her desire and ability to help people to live the life they dream of.

I have worked with Michelle for the past two years and can truly say my life has been transformed.
— Dianne
Working with Michelle was one of the most affirming and positive experiences I’ve ever had.
She is a giant channel of goodness and light. Immediately after leaving my time with her I noticed shifts in my perspective and changes in other people around me. It’s as though when you work with Michelle, your life starts to accelerate in all sorts of positive ways
— Amanda