Soul Sessions

Over the course of many years of spiritual exploration and somatic experiences, I feel that I have not only “tried it all” but also dove right into those practices, methods and trainings with the desire to connect to greater truth within myself. In that time, I have fully immersed myself into years of deep meditation practices, a variety of yoga styles and yet I felt I was still bypassing the essential aspect of me, my Soul. I have since come to see that I was bypassing my Soul by relying on these external practices, methods, teachers, traditions and coaches to guide my way, rather than my own Soul. Once Goddess Flow came into being, I started to feel my wholeness. My Body began to point me in the direction of my Soul. My Body had the map to the wisdom that had been buried long ago.

Soul Work is Messy and Muddy, it feels real, alive and aligned with ALL of Life.

Soul Work is Messy and Muddy, it feels real, alive and aligned with ALL of Life.

It wasn’t until one day, when I sat under a maple tree in my backyard that my entire world opened up. I was about to start my grounding practice in the shade of the tree when something within me took over. I went on a journey of my inner landscape in a way that I never had in the past.  

In that first inwards-journey-experience, it felt as though I had finally “found” within me a place I always unconsciously knew was there.  I came to call these experiences “Happenings.” I could not fully understand them, yet the power, understanding, guidance and healing I received was directly related and applicable to my every day life. These “Happenings” were visceral, embodied, practical and REAL. It was like practical Magic.

As Life would have it, a series of mysterious synchronicities led me to connect with a Shamanic Councillor (at the time I had no idea what Shamanism was) and with her wildly wise guidance I discovered what was happening.  What I was experiencing in the Shamanic tradition is called Shamanic Journeying. 

Shamanic Practices have been practiced in most indigenous cultures (including my own Hungarian roots) for thousands of years.  Shamanism is a Soul-revealing, earth-rooted healing and divination journey that is organic and mysterious. Since, I have discovered that Shamanism is the root of many of the Original Goddess Honouring Traditions around the world dating back hundreds of years. It is also linked to the Earth~Honouring traditions of Witchcraft and the practice of Magic that is defined by Dion Fortune as:

“Magic is the art of changing consciousness at will”. 

As all of this began to organically unfold I, once again, dove in but this time in a different way.  This guiding wisdom came from within me and grew organically. I dove into my own Soul, the ever~present truth that lives within me. Since embarking on this journey, I continue to deepen my knowledge and understanding of these extraordinary states of being, yet I never lose sight of where and how this all unfolded for me - under the Maple Tree.  My Soul is my eternal guide, mentor, teacher, guru, beloved and friend. My Soul is where I look for my own healing and where I receive guidance for the work that I do with others.

What I know bone~deep is that your unique Soul is also guiding your way. And together we allow YOUR organic Wisdom to find its Way Home to You. 

Remotely (from the comfort of your home ~ Phone / Skype / )

60 mins ~ $90 + hst

Forest Home Soul Session ( 1 hour east of Toronto )

2 hour Soul Session ~ $150 + hst

Sliding Scale is available (ask for more information)

Let’s Soul Dive Together!

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