Take your Body and Soul on a journey 

Goddess Flow Day Retreat on Pigeon Lake


The intention behind this yoga retreat is to dive into the energy of the full moon phase and the intelligence of the Goddess Archetypes. We’ll integrate the energy of the lunar cycle, chandra & yin practices, and our divine feminine genius to balance the realms of containment and expansion, change and fluidity. We’ll inspire the universal qualities of the feminine: power, worthiness, joy, intimacy, vulnerability, pleasure, self~trust, love, wonderment, creativity, sensuality, receptivity, intuition and radiance.

The day will start off at 10:00am with a morning yoga practice (asana, pranayama & meditation) over-looking our secluded bay on Pigeon lake. We will have a spacious, nourishing, clean, plant based meal together in the afternoon. We will be taking some time to reflect, integrate and spend time in nature. Michelle and I are so excited to offer this wonderful healing experience together.

Our meal time will include another opportunity to deepen knowledge and skillfully cultivating health and sustainability. Discover the benefits of a plant-based diet and how it can encourage a thriving, intentional, and energized lifestyle. Ally & Lisa will make us a healthy and wholesome vegan lunch and you will feel nourished by delicious, fresh and flourishing plant-based food!

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Book your Forest SoulBody Day Retreat

This is a new offering for women that are looking to bring a group of women together (3 minimum and 10 maximum) for an intimate retreat that will nourish both your Body and Soul.

Embody your Wild Soul…

Embody your Wild Soul…

Nourish YOU first…

Nourish YOU first…

An intimate SoulBody Retreat is a day for you to connect deeply with the inner whispers of your Soul that can be over looked in the busyness of day to day life. In our time together you will journey into the realm of Soul and Move into the wild truth of your body’s innate brilliance. We will integrate our experiences in nature and creative expression as well as sisterly connection.

No Retreat is complete without a nourishing meal + yummy snacks and teas to support your inner journey and sisterly connection!

Location ~ Our Forest Home in Newtonville, ON

Capacity ~ 10 women

Price will vary dependent upon number of women for the Personal Retreats.

Light your Inner Fire…

Light your Inner Fire…

Email Michelle at yogamich@rogers.com for the details

What THEY are saying….

Sigh. How amazing. The minute I turned down your driveway I felt transported to a magical place of Wisdom & Healing amongst the trees.  What a perfect place to nourish, connect, surrender, listen, and be. The food, the unfoldments, the coziness, everything was divinely flowing exactly the way it needed to. XO K

The SoulBody Retreat Michelle held at her home was nothing short of a magical soulful experience. Through it all, Michelle created a sacred (and cozy) space for the group, allowing us to come together and express ourselves with honesty, vulnerability, and authenticity. The atmosphere that Michelle cultivated allowed me dive deep into myself in a way that nourished my heart, body, and soul. I can't recommend Michelle's retreats highly enough - I am already looking forward to the next one! <3 Rebecca

I recently attended a One Day retreat with the beautiful Michelle Tamblyn Sabo.  My first retreat with Michelle actually and I was not disappointed.  From the moment I drove up to her and JP's beautiful forest home I knew I was in the right place.  I felt at peace, I felt the love, I felt home.   Our day was filled with meditation (where I totally lost myself in a tingling sensation that blew me away), outside exploring, the best food, journalling  and our very own take on Goddess Flow.  It was magical - it was peaceful - it was self love at it's finest.  I am grateful always and felt so very full.  Thank you Michelle for one of the best days ever. Joanne <3  

With much love and always respect

Goddess Flow Teacher Training Retreat ~ 2020

This 4 day Goddess retreat will nourish, restore, re~calibrate and awaken your feminine body.  

My soulful intention for this retreat is simple:  To have you experience the Goddess radiance of your moving, feeling, expressive, creative, sensual feminine body.  Oh, and of course to have a deeply transformative Goddess awakening.  This retreat will be steeped in experiential growth and pleasure through your senses.  We will take a deep dive to feeling the unique energies of each of the goddesses in goddess flow, and you will learn to embody each of them in your own authentic way.  Your goddess body will be pampered with goddess movement, dance, music, creative experience, delicious nourishing vegan food, a beautiful environment, connection to mother nature as well as other goddesses.  As much FUN as we will have together, this retreat will also include the healing power of Reclaiming your Feminine Essence.  This is big.  The healing power of you hold within is remarkable.  We will rest, read and meditate.  Goddesses, let's get out of our heads and back into our bodies, together~ 

Goddesses, lets get out of our heads and into our bodies, together~ 

This retreat is for YOU. Your body and soul needs this. 

Space is limited and first priority will be given to Goddess attending the goddess flow teacher training~ 



EVOLVE ~ Retreat for Women

Bodhi Tree Retreat Centre, Costa Rica


Evolve Retreat is the lovechild of Rossana Bee and Tracey Soghrati.  It began with a spoken wish between two friends. Imagine if we could inspire women to celebrate who they are. Imagine if we could give women the tools they need to evolve in the face of every challenge and blessing in their lives. Imagine if we could take women away, and give them the experience of deep connection to the parts of them that are whole and eternal. Imagine if women knew that soul by soul they could change the world.

Evolve is purposefully designed to catalyze a metamorphosis in every participant. You will redefine your relationships to yourself, those you love, and your life’s work through daily workshops, yoga, meditation, goddess flow, and kirtan. You will find your voice, connect to your values and learn how to lead and inspire change.  You will cultivate courage, refine your boundaries and leave with a clear plan on how to continue to grow and thrive.


This retreat is created FOR women, BY women, who inspire us to stretch past our perceived limitations. They are incredible influencers, humanitarians, artists, business women and spiritual teachers. If you’re ready to join us on this journey, we are prepared to blow your mind.

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Your Body is the wisest creature on the planet
— Sheila Kelley
Self Care is a divine responsibility
— Danielle Laporte