Movement As Prayer


Dear Radiant Sister,

Each one of us comes to movement for a difference reason. Some days it's to release tention, some days it's our time to play and explore.  Some days it's about diving into our emotions and sensuality and some days we aren't even sure of the reason, but we know our SoulBody is asking to be heard and felt through movement.

Movement is a natural and vital form of expression.  The number one reason we feel we "can't" dance is because we have forgotten what it feels like to feel free in expression! 

For thousands of years we have come together and danced!  Shamans dance for rain, people dance for religious ritual.  Woman danced for the crops to grow, tribe danced to celebrate a birth or transition to the afterworld.  Still in many places in the world people use Movement as Prayer.  Dance is a form of Soulful expression.  It can act as a medicine to restore our personal power, the power of our communitiy, and the power of the earth.

Our world right now is at a time where power needs to be rebalanced.  True Power.  The Power that is Soulful, Loving, Inspiring, Life-Giving, Compassion and in Communion with all of life.  Not the "power over another" that is life-taking, full of greed and corrupt energy, but the power that comes from joining together and connecting to our deep roots.

 True Power unites us as one collective community.  

With the Power~Full #metoo movement unifiying many women to come forward and speak their truth, I have also really been inspiried to move toward greater truth with both myself and all those in my life.  I am speaking up for what I believe and taking right action to make postive changes in the world.  

It has also inspiried me to
MAKE NOISE (#timesup)
Let my Body express in ANYWAY she desires

And... My Movement has become My Prayer.  I dance to nourish the earth, I dance to pray for a situation I need resolution with.  I dance to restore equalitiy on our planet. 

Movement As Prayer. 

Under the Fullness of Full Blue Blood Moon, what do you want to Pray for in your Movement?  Allowing your Body to unapologetically express, ask for your deepest Soul Desires with the curve of your hip.  Feel into your emotions as you toss your hair.  Unleash and Celebrate while your feet stomp....This is your SoulBody's Prayer.  
All you have to do is Let Go and Allow. 
Shine, Sister, Shine.
I will be dancing along with you under the fullness of the Moon.

Movement As Prayer
I Carried This for Years ~ Ibeyi
There Will Be Time ~ Mumford & Sons
Praying ~ Kesha  

P.S. And maybe even let out a howl while your at it! xo

In Wildness,


2018 The Year of the Radiant Wild Woman


Dear Radiant Sister,

Happy New Year!

For some the New Year is a time of year for goal setting, resolution making and planning for the year to come.  Others (like me) have let go of the goals and resolutions and this time of year is a time for reflection and presence.  No matter what your New Year beliefs or traditions are, most of us can agree that we can feel a shift of energy as we enter a New Year.

What I find especially curious about this particular new year is that we are entering this year alit by the radiance of the Full Moon.  I see this as an invitation to take a seat in our Full Radiance, unapologically Shinning.

It is a time to celebrate the gifts each of us carry with reverence and gratitude, as your unique gift alights the World, even in darkness.

Coming into this New Year on a Full Moon has many more archetypal meanings that might give us some clues to our personal SoulBody Journey for 2018.  See what lights your up inside when you read over them.  Remember, your Body feels your Soul's excitement first!

The Full Moon Represents:
 Shining in Full Radiance
Being in Full Bloom
Expression of Full Potential
Illumination of Darkness
 Celebration of Light
 Lunar Consciousness/Feminine Consciousness
New Beginnings

Entering a New Year on a Full Moon, I personally feel is a wink from the Cosmos (or maybe even a shout out) "It is time to Step into your Fullest Radiance". "Shine Bright". "Embody Your Feminine Power". "This is Your Year for New Beginnings".  "Celebrate Your Gifts and illuminate the World".

"Your Light is Needed Now."

The light of your creativity.
The light of your laughter.
The light of your joy.
The light of self~acceptance.
The light of self~love.
The light of YOUR truth (even in dark times)

"Your Light is Needed Now"

Now, what I have not yet mentioned in this exciting exploration, pregnant with potential and possibility, is that not only are we entering the year with Lunar energy leading the way, it is also a
Wolf Moon.

Those of you that have read Women Who Run With The Wolves (which I can't recommend enough) understand the symbolism of Wolves in relationship to embodying our most essential feminine essence. 

The Wolf represents the wild, free, natural, instinctual, rhythmic, cyclical and earth~connect Self that is innate to us as women, as it is to the Wolves.  And the embodiment of our Wild Nature (or Wolfish Ways) is the journey of reclaiming our Wild Soul~Self.  

Re~wilding is a process.  A journey that for most of us takes a life time.  Slowly, with patience, curiosity and nurturance, we put ourselves back together again.  For some, Movement awakens our Wildness.  for others it's spending time in nature or creative expression.  Becoming Fully Whole again is a Holistic Embodiment Journey.

At this time our Earth is sufferings greatly because most of the western world has forgotten our Wild and Natural Ways.  That is why it is essentail to Celebrate and Embody our Wild Ways as Feminine Creature of this Earth. Clarissa says it best "It's not by accident that the pristine wilderness of our planet disappears as the understanding of our own inner wild nature fades."

The Wolf Moon today is shinning a spot~light, illuminating the path of reclaiming our Natural Selves as Instinctual Women. Claiming responsibility for  protecting and restoring the Natual Wild Ways of humanity on this planet by the way we treat ourselves and each other, the way we Mother, by the way we create in this world and the way we care for and nurture our Earth. 

Consider this as a cosmic call.   Your re~wilding for 2018 is a great Service to all.  You, dear sister, can  illuminate the entire Planet just by being you; natural, free, radiant and wild.

Yours, in Wildness,



Your Wild Sanctuary

Dear Wild Soul,

Have you ever felt a longing to connect with nature? To be by the sea side or deep in the wild forest? 

Have you ever noticed a feeling of coming home when you are in your favorite place in nature. 

Even when you simply imagine this natural haven you feel your body's energy shift into a grounded state of wholeness. 

Clarissa Pinkola Estes (one of my greatest inspirations and known as one of the greatest story tellers of our time) is the author of
Women Who Run With The Wolves. 
She writes about how women, like wolves, thrive when in environments that are natural and supportive of our wildness.

She writes "It is ironic that we have wildlife refuges for ibis, pelican, egret, wolf, crane, deer, mouse, moose and bear, but not for ourselves."  She continues to write about how our own natural habitats have been taken over by cities, highways, noise and other disturbances and most wild women do not have a space to call "home" a space to feel safe and protected to just be FREE, Body and Soul.

Your Wild Sanctuary is a space you can retreat to, to spend time in your inner home, free from obligations and "to~do's".  

Like in the nature, we can also take refuge and find our Wild Sanctuary with a pack of women. A space where we can dance, howl, crawl, cry, laugh, celebrate and surrender. A place where we are free to be raw and real, primal and embodied. 

When women come together in Goddess Flow, we have the freedom to take refuge in the Wild Sanctuary of Movement, Dance and Soul Embodiment.  It is a safe space to retreat into our personal journey while feeling the safety net of supportive women. 

On this SuperMoon in Gemini, you may begin to wonder where your Wild Sanctuary is? If you already know, when was the last time you visited there? Does your Body Being desire more time there? Is there a place in your area that you can go to connect, re~wild, and feel mother nature and/or the support of other women?

Under the Full Moon today, Let's come together in Movement. Primal, Wild and Free

Here are some Songs that awaken my Body into her Wolfish Ways

Wild Sanctuary Playlist

Here with Me~ Susie Suh
The Wolf ~ LEO
Free Fall ~ Gems
Goddess ~ Cobi
Closer to Fine ~ Indigo Girls

Stay Wild,

Michelle Tamblyn~Sabo

Primal Source


Dear Wild Soul,

Do you remember a time when you felt deeply connected to your inner voice?

A time when you felt in connection with all things around you? 

When life revealed its mysteries through serendipitous moments and synchronicities? 

It may have been a flicker in time, but in that moment your Body and Soul came together in full wondrous union and celebration.

These moments often come when we are unplugged from all the business and plugged into our Primal Source.

The things is, we often find ourselves connected to our Primal Source or Soul Voice in times of Being and not Doing

When we allow our movements to take us in Flow,
When we allow our natural curiosity to lead us,
When we wander in nature,
 When we give over to the magical body and listen to Her Wild Wisdom. 

When we Stop...  
And just BE.

On this New Moon in Scorpio, I invite you to ask your Deepest Self ~ 

What makes me feel connected to my Primal Source?

When do I hear my Soul Voice, and How can I nourish my bond to my SoulBody Wisdom?

What happens when I allow my Movement to take me into my most Primal and Natural Flow? 

Here is a playlist for your Journal Inquiry and Goddess Flow Movement Expression. 

Allow your Primal Source to Guide you.

You have all you need within you already. 

~Primal Source Playlist for Movement and Soul Inquiry~

Prologue ~ Frans Bak
The Fruitful Darkness ~ Trevor Hall
Long Time Running ~ The Tragically Hip
Make Me Wonder ~ Kllo
Goddess ~ Cobi
Breathing Space ~ Sacred Earth

Stay Wild,

Michelle Tamblyn~Sabo

Decoding Desire


Dear Wild Soul,

Have you ever wanted something so badly it hurt? Have your desires ever consumed all of your attention, energy and focus?  Have you had to make sacrifices in order to go after what you were so hungry for, what you were yearning for?  And have you ever noticed that sometimes when you actually got what you REALLY wanted, soon after it was replaced with yet another burning desire? 

This cycle is one I know ALL to well.  And, being a Fiery Feminine Creature, I became an expert huntress, always able to make the "kill" of whatever my desire was at any given time. 

And today, under the dark new moon,
I am wildly curious....

Could the bubblings of desires that seek attainment on the "outside" (like the hot shoes, bigger home, new relationship) simply be a reflection of a part of our deeper SoulBody that is seeking to be seen and sought out and discovered?

Could all of our external yearnings be a call to look within?  Could each one be a signal to be curious about the deeper needs and wants of our Soul? 

It's amazing when I unpack my personal desires how many of them are tethered to what society says I "should want" or "what I am suppose to have" rather than my deep knowing that no~thing on the outside is truly going to change who I am on the inside.  

Each time I have the awareness to investigate my driving forces that are directed outward rather than inward for fulfillment I see that what I am truly wanting, truly yearning for, even starving for at times ~ 

Is ME. 
The true me

and Wonderous. 

Sure, wanting lovely things is a part of enjoying life and a wonderful part of living a pilviledged life.  
AND ~ when we seek outwardly to fix or quiet the deeper desires of our Souls by trying to satiate them with stuff/experiences/people it simply never works,
does it? 

This, for me is a deep dark truth.  A truth that lies beneath the surface of what is easly seen.  And for Women like us, seeking to live fully, wildly, soulfully we have an opportunity to dance in the deep dark truth of our SoulBody's Truth.

Today in your movement ~ Dance and Be Curiuos.

What is your SoulBody truly yearning for? 

Listen to the quiet whispers within.  When in your Flow allow sensations, intuitive feelings and inner wisdom call you in toward Her.

Our Inner Lover is always reaching for out for us.

Inner Lover Movement Play~List
You ~ Morgan Saint
I Knew This Would Be Love ~ Imaginary Future
Adore You ~ Miley Cyrus 

Stay Wild,
Michelle Tamblyn~Sabo