Roles vs Soul

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Dear ...

Woman, Mother, Partner, Lover, Wife, Sister, Daughter, Granddaughter, Auntie, Niece, Home Maker, Care Taker, Teacher, Homeschooler, Activist, Bread Winner, Part~Timer, Planner....the list goes on and on.

Have you ever stopped to think how many different hats you wear?  How many roles you have in your life that others depend on? Many of us don't stop and take stock of our wardrobe full of roles because we are simply too busy switching out hats.

Over the last few months I have been guided from the intuitive knowing within (My Soul) to open up my messy wardrobe and PULL EVERYTHING OUT!

I have taken inventory on all my many roles AND how I personally identify with each one.  Naturally, I am happy to hand over my role a house cleaner to my husband as I have not associated that particular role as a part of my identity.  Yet, the role of Homeschooler and Teacher are high on my list of roles with big returns (on every level).  In turn, I am less likely to give up those roles without a fight!

In this Soulful Spring (Autumn?) Cleaning of taking stock of my roles I had to look at the roles high on my "list" and really unpack each one. 

To sum up, what has become apparent in this life long process is:

I am not my roles.

(no mic drop here)


We have all heard this before.  What can FEEL NEW is actually doing the work of letting go of the attachments to what we say we ARE rather than what we choose to do in the world at any given time.

I am an activist.  I am a teacher.  I am mother.
I am a sister.

All great stuff right?  Yes!  BUT it is not who we are at our core.  We spend our lives verbally (and non~verbally) identifying ourselves as what we DO in the world OR who we are in the eyes of others.

You may be wondering, "So, what are you suggesting Michelle?  I do have many roles and that's that!"

The work of living in your essence is to identify with your SOUL rather than your ROLES.
To live from a place that is change~less in this every~changing world.  To get your certainty from the love and abundance within that is NOT dependent on what you DO in the world, but is inherently part of who you ARE.

Notice the difference in this list when you identify with Soul rather than Roles:

I am a sovereign being
I am love embodied
I am life ~ living and changing dynamically
I am both human and divine
I am imperfect and unpredictable
I am undefinable

Feels different right?

So you make ask, "How do I make this shift in identity?"
ASK YOUR SOUL.  The wisdom that guides your body in movement, the whisperer of truths and the creator of your night dreams.  AND, I made you a meditation that might help you distinguish between with your Roles v.s. Soul! I feel it is essential to KNOW what roles we are wearing AND how to get naked with our Soul Essence!

Find Soul Grounding Meditation Here

Movement Playlist for after your Soul Grounding Meditation:

Saltwater For Strings ~ reimagined by Petr Aleksander
All of Me ~ John Legend
Sweet Child O' Mine ~ Jasmine Thompson
Moon ~ Yoste
Elastic Heart ~ Sia
Embody Me ~ Novo Amor

Dance your Essence under the Full Moon Light and Remember you are LOVE! 

We are Enough

Dear Wild Soul,

A couple of weeks ago, women gathered at my studio to dance, weep and offer healing in response to the Amazon Forest Fires.

It was a time when none of us knew WHAT to do, but we knew the power in coming together was a good place to start.

Each woman arrived AS their contribution. No monetary donations were given as we all knew the magic of healing was in our movement.

Women came pouring into the room in many forms:
Priestess, Oracle, Creatrix, Witch, Wild Woman, Wise Soul, Healer, Alchemist and Goddess. Each with their own natural ability to transmute, transform and heal our planet.

What I noticed in this gathering is that we all came to Serve. To offer ourselves and all of the magic we inherently and organically embody.

Before the gathering, none of us felt like we knew what to do, but what became clear was that our coming together was enough.


We Danced, Sang, Wept, Laughed, Sweat, Remembered and Healed.

We alchemized the horror into hope.
We gathered hands and remembered how desperate our planet is for women to come together without commodification. Emboding our unique ways of healing life.

What I also noticed was that every one of us trusted ourselves and our ability to Serve our planet through movement. The ancient and bone-deep knowing is encoded within each of us. We just need to excavate it. Each of us left feeling as though we had made a difference AND we can make a difference again through our dance.

Today under the Full Harvest Moon I invite you to dig deep and harvest your power to heal. Dance for Life. Dance for Love, Dance for Water, Dance for Trees, Dance for our Healing. Call yourself by one (or more) of your names....(I personally like "Wild Witch Creatrix" for myself ;) And Dance Life back into Life.

Deep Bow to you, Priestess Woman, I honour you with my whole heart.

Rooted in Soul,

Shining the Lunar Light


Dear Wild Soul,

I am an ADVID researcher of ALL things that have to do with Soul Embodiment and Feminine Empowerment. I have a tower of books. (Some read and some unread.) Some have offered insights, others interesting feminine historical facts, some that are full of inspiration and others that have fallen flat. And in this collection, there are a select few that are bibles to my Soul.

One of my favorite works of Feminine Magic is "Coming Home To Myself" by Marion Woodmanand Jill Mellick. Both Marion and Jill are Jungian analysts. This collection of Marion's works, essays and thoughts is condensed, weighty wisdom that hits you RIGHT where it counts!

Over the last few years this "book bible" has offered me extraordinary SoulBody teachings. And today I want to share my reflections of one of those works.

"We discuss the feminine principle,
read our notes, talk fast,
our bodies wound in knots.
We contradict what comes out of our mouths,
use feminine language
to mask our patriarchal thought."


deep breath...

When I read this for the first time I almost fell on the floor (and each time after).

Patriarchy is a social system in which men hold primary power and predominate in roles of political leadership, moral authority, social privilege and control of property and women.

This social system is the one in which we ALL have been raised, even if it was not predominate in your home. It has been the social and cultural narrative globally for hundreds of years.

The message of Marion's quote above mirrors back how this system of oppression still lives within US, even as women on the path to embodying our femininity. HOW COULD IT NOT? It is ALL that we have seen in media, in government and in history.

This wound is felt by EVERY SOUL on the planet. The feminine lives within EACH OF US. Humans, animals, plant life and our aching earth all feel the forgotten feminine wound.

Why am I shining the lunar light on this, you might wonder? Because until we dismantle our patriarchal thoughts and inner control systems the flow of feminine Power will be dammed (and damned).

The reclamation of our Sovereign Feminine Power may not look the way we might expect. For each of us it will be different. It is often a subtle shift that happens over time. When it comes, we start to feel the system of oppsessive thoughts and beliefs we have carried about ourselves begin to wash away.

We feel it in the moments when we STOP shitting all over ourselves for not being a good enough Mother, wife, provider, friend... (fill in the blank). When we accept our beautiful body as She is, without trying to fit into what patriarchy has made us believe is beautiful. When we allow ourselves to Mother ourselves, release the control even when we feel the pressure to "DO~MORE". It is when we allow ourselves to....
be guided by our OWN Sovereign Source of Inner Power, Our SoulBody.

This, my Soul Sister on the path to remembering, is what this Movement is all about.
Moving BACK into our bodies.
Moving BACK into our natural ways of being
Moving back into our freedom.

This reclaimation is living fully from a place of our own personal and authentic femininity. Embodying our femininity shines our Lunar Light on other women and the world which re-establishes the displaced feminine everywhere!

Rooted in Soul,

Filling Up


Dear Women,

This morning as the sun rose, I could feel myself being pulled in two separate directions. As I recognized the two opposing forces, this is what came to me.

Filling Up

The earth awakens to the warmth of the morning light
bathing in the pink and orange glow
the birds begin to sing their song, without hesitation
buds dance their way into bloom
the gentle rays of the sun caress the leaves
butterflies consider taking flight

Life starts each day replenishing herself, with herself
held in the unwavering blaze of fire shining upon her every movement

It is so easy to miss the morning's magic
a tornado of thoughts before rising
swirling around tasks undone

What if, like Mama Life, we fill up on our own magnificence, first?

simmering in our own wonder
dancing, blooming
singing our hearts' song
opening our wings, ready to take flight into a new day
being alit with radiance
fullness comes
before our feet touch the ground.


Rooted in Life
Michelle Tamblyn~Sabo