7 Governing Goddesses of Goddess Flow

Goddess flow is a practice of embodiment, courage and the Divine Feminine.  You will feel the goddess archetypal energies moving, curving and breathing within your feminine body, heart and mind. For each women the experience will be different and truthful. and it will allow you to live with Greater freedom and creativity. 

Durga ~ The goddess of protection, empowerment and action.  

Goddess Durga

Goddess Durga

Your feminine body need to feel safe in order to open up, to take up space and to trust in our bodies innate desire to move freely.  Durga gives you the courage to own our Feminine bodies, while becoming fiercely protective of our follow sisters in practice.  When you embodied Durga's bravery, and fierce Love, true transformation is possible.  

Kali ~The fierce and dark goddess of destruction and transformation.

Kali gives the shadow side of your emotions a voice.  She gives our feminine bodies permission to rise up, express emotion through strength and flow, and she encourages you to feel into our inner ferocity and fire.  Kali Shakti is a reminder that the dark, makes way for light. And her infinite Love is where her truest power comes from.     

Saraswati ~The goddess of knowledge, art,  music, language and fluidity.

Goddess Saraswati

Goddess Saraswati

Saraswati  "the flowing one"  graces your body with the touch of music that gives rise to the language of your feminine bodies...movement! When you see a women in her authentic, intuitive flow truth its as if she herself is a work of art.  Her beauty is captivating. 

Lakshmi ~ The goddess of abundance and beauty.

Lakshmi reminds us that we, as feminine beings have all that we desire within our Divinely sacred and powerfully creative bodies.   We trust fully that we are the creative capacity and we have all that we are seeking.  And from that we feel a felt sense of abundance and worthiness arise from within. 

Parvati ~ The Divine Mother and yogini goddess.

Parvati reminds us to give our beautiful bodies nourishment, devoted motherly forgiveness, and sweet care.  She is the energy that allows our tense muscles to soften into delicate sensation,  she releases our contracted bodies to surrender and restore in meditation and in movement. She is loving and also a devoted yogini. She is the embodiment of both the divine masculine and divine feminine. 

Goddess Lalita

Goddess Lalita

Lalita Tripura Sundari ~ The Goddess of eroticism and bliss

Connect with Lalita's true essence in your embodied practice by realized that her ecstasy and bliss arise when we follow the desires of your body. Without trying to get it right.  Lalita is known as the Goddess of desire as the Creative universal source.  When you evoke the most creative source of energy (your sexuality) in your bodies to become enlivened, vibrant and free. Mind, Body and Heart.  

Dhumavati ~ The Goddess of disappointment and letting go

She is the gifts that come after the darkness passes.  She is also the clear potent presence of the void.  She is "crone" Goddess and teaches us to surrender into the gifts of the moment, no matter what they bring. 

When you connect to the different archetypal energies of the Divine Feminine you awaken to the same energies you already carry within you Body, Mind and Heart”
— Michelle Tamblyn~Sabo