When you worship your feminine body your inner Goddess awakens

Goddess Flow ~Divine Feminine Unleashed 

Goddess Flow™ is a fusion of yoga, circularized sensual movement and dance created for women.  There are seven flows you will move through in class.  Each inspired by  Seven of the Governing Goddesses.   Expect to stretch, tone, empower, release, dance and restore your Divine Feminine Body as well as connect to your Soul's wisdom through meditation, SoulBody awareness and Soul~Exploration. You have the permission to release emotions, take up space in the room and honour what your body truly needs on any given day. You will be celebrated for your wise, courageous and sensual feminine body. When a woman has the opportunity to listen to the needs of her own SoulBody Truth, the possibilities are infinite! 

This connection to yourself, and to the other women in the room can open you up to authentic connections, which is really what the true intention of this practice is;  to live in your Divine Feminine Essence, to be the Creatrix of your life and to feel the magical presence of the Divine Feminine Unleashed in your inherently Soulful Feminine Body and in the world around you. This my dear sisters will change the planet as we know it....

It takes Courage to embody your Unleashed, untamed feminine nature and embrace the shadow side that comes along that truth.  This gives you permission to be free in whatever needs to be expressed.  Over time you can experience a greater sense of worthiness, vulnerability, self~trust, self~love, wonderment, creativity, sensuality, receptivity and intuition.  

Goddess Flow honours the cyclical nature of the Female body and gives you permission to acknowledge and dance through what ever arises for you in your movement and meditation.  Moving toward a deeper connection to yourself and the all encompassing light of the Divine.  

Goddess Dance

Each of the Goddess Flows that comes before prepares your SoulBody to move into your Goddess Dance.  Without even knowing, you are connecting to the elemental nature of your feminine body, Goddess Shakti as well as igniting each of the 7 Chakras.  Your Divine essence becomes your fuel as you amplify your sensual and soulful nature in movement.  You will feel safe, celebrated and empowered by the other women in the room, which makes you feel the true nature of sisterhood.  

Your dance of courage...

"Courage starts with showing up and allowing ourselves to be seen." Brene Brown

 To come into a movement practice where you are seen,  in your most truthful, vulnerable self takes Courage.  And when you practice courage you give birth to what we as the feminine long for so deeply to be in our authenticity and to live a Soulful life where are deeply connected the Goddess that lives within each of us.  Over time, you become the beacon of courage and truth which in turn allows you to take up space, to follow the lead of your body, and allow YOUR inner Goddess be your guid~ess forever more. This new found and deeply intrinsic way of moving and feeling becomes your internal compass in which you dance your way through your magically feminine life.  


Goddess Restore

This class is a dance between gentle fluid movement, yin yoga and restorative yoga. The Goddess Restore practice will nurture, nourish, relax and rejuvenate your feminine Body and awaken your Soul.

This class is a perfect introduction into Yoga and Sensual Movement, and it is a magical way to come back home into the connection 

Desiring to Dive in Deeper? 

“Through Movement and Meditation we Remember our SoulBody’s True Nature ~ Love ~
— Michelle Tamblyn~Sabo