Embodied your SoulBody Truth

Dive in Deeper ~ SoulBody Journey

Our SoulBody is a unifying energy of Love, Truth and Freedom that lives within each of us.  When awakened we move through our life with felt sense of Self LoveCourageEmotional FluidityVibrant Sensuality, Creativity and a deep connection to our Intuition (Soul voice:) and Soulful Purpose.  Which gives rise to living authentically and fully enlivened in both our feminine body and soul.    

SoulBody Journey …Is a SoulBody journey designed to awaken and unleash the Divine Feminine within every women. Each session in the journey is a unique exploration that will deepen a woman’s connection to Her body, Her Soul and Her Goddess Essence. Through Yoga, Meditation, Feminine Movement, Soulful Pole Movement, Dance, Creative Expression, Shadow-Work and Soul Sister Connection, together we will rise into living a life from our truest Feminine Power, Love.

SoulBody Journey
Session 1 ~ Body Love
Session 2 ~ Warrior Goddess
Session 3 ~ Emotional Empress
Session 4 ~ Primal Sexuality    
Session 5 ~ SoulBody Truth

Session 1 BODY LOVE ~ 
This session is designed for any woman that is desiring a deeper, more loving and truthful connection to her body, including Goddess Flow beginners. This stage of the journey will include Yin yoga, meditation, Goddess Flow, Soulful Pole, Shadow-Work, Dance, Creative expression and Soul-Sister Connection. This session requires devotion to yourself, the process as well as all that will unfold in your life.
Session Start March 6th ~ FULL

Session 2 Warrior Goddess
This session connects a woman to her Warrior Goddess Body.  
Warrior energy is grounded, present, true, awakened, clear and confident.  
Goddess energy is the flow of unconditional love, creativity, wisdom, playfulness, pleasure, truth and radiance.  
When these energy dance as one we connect to our truth that allows us to move freely and confidently in life and in our Goddess Movement.  



How intensely do I want to exist?
— Sera Beak

Dance is the hidden language of the soul.
— Martha Graham