I have been on the journey of self-discovery for almost 20 years.  There has always been a deep yearning to understand and learn more about….me.  

In my late teens I discovered yoga And have been an avid student and practitioner of Yoga for a committed 15 years, with over 12 trainings in that time.  Yoga has brought such a deep awareness to my sense of self, my connection to the universe and to a practice that has enriched my life in more ways I can explain. I dedicated my life to the study and the teachings of Yoga and Yoga has filled me up in so many ways, and yet I still felt some rigidity within me.  My connection to myself, to my body and in turn all my relationships.  There was something missing but I had NO idea what it was.  

In the spring of 2014 i was introduced to feminine movement which is entirely focused on empowering the feminine and exploring feminine movement.  while quite new and unfamiliar to me at first, the undeniable impact this practice had on me was nothing short of magical.  I felt as though it addressed something absolutely vital to my feminine essence that my 12-years of intensely disciplined yoga practice had never been able to touch.  My feminine essence was the missing link to feeling whole.  Actually, I identified so much with my masculine energy that I didn’t even recognize what femininity truly was. I wondered..."How could I have forgotten"? I am not only a mother, wife,  sister, teacher, mentor….I AM A WOMAN!!!   A woman that needs love, support, adoration, self-nourence, self-care and self-devotion.  And I needed all these things from…me. 

From that day forward., I committed to feminine movement practice daily.  This required me to be vulnerable (also something VERY new at that time) to all the colours of emotions that were unearthing within me.  There were times that I felt that my feminine nature was crying out to been seen and heard and my past patterings were resisting my true feminine essence to radiate.  Layer, by layer, with  conscious cultivation my femininity is the all prevailing energy that is my compass, and guides me to living a life connected to my innate power, intuition, sensual and wise nature.  This transformation in me has changed my life, in every way.  

After a period of reflection and personal experimentation, I started exploring ways to introduce some of this “essential feminine essence” into my yoga practice and classes.  The results were more remarkable than I could have imagined.  As women shared with me their experience of Goddess Flow (femininely-attuned way of engaging with their bodies and the divine feminine).  It became profoundly clear that I was not the only woman who had been missing something in their yoga practice.  From those initial explorations and the feedback I received from those students (sacred sisters!), my approach to practicing and teaching yoga has been forever changed.

Now I feel I am living my life from a place of wholeness. Every part of my being is being nurtured.  Courage, worthiness, self-love and a feeling of wonderment have been birthed out of my sensual, sexy and soulful journey of living from my Divine Feminine Unleashed . I feel more connected to my husband JP TAMBLYN, our children and mumma earth.  Life is abundant, and beautiful. 

Reverence to my TEACHERS

JP Tamblyn-Sabo - For teaching me that there is SO much More to Yoga then I ever dreamed of, and for infinite support and Love. 

Yogarupa Rod Stryker - For being an endless well of inspiration and knowledge and for the Four Desires process that led me down my path to purpose.

Amma - For continuously teaching me unwavering compassion & boundless Love.

Sheila Kelley - For teaching me the infinite power of the feminine.  

Anodea Judith - For incredible insights on the Chakra System. 

Theresa Marcotte - For guiding me with Love to truly understanding the importance of E-motion and Energy.

Tony Robbins - For inspiring the hell out of me to ACT NOW and GET FOCUSED.

Danielle march- For making my Core desired feeling my compass for creating a SOUlful life. 

Carey and Stacy - for gracefully guiding me through my certification of the transformational Coaching method. 

Sally Kempton - for lighting the way to the path of the goddess with such depth and beauty.

Brene Brown ~ For teaching me about how to live a Wholehearted life. 

Sera Beak ~ For her wisdom of the Divine Feminine and Soul Ignition 

Tina Park ~ For being a compass to greater truth, freedom and love 

Penelope Love - For endless patience, peacefulness and joy. 

William Maxwell - For JOY, JOY and more JOY. The spreader of smiles and love.  

My Dad- Who taught me from early on that I can do anything!


Me-  When I listen to the inner wisdom that comes from my inner goddess, the possibilities are endless <3